Rhode Island Latino Arts Network - What is it?

In 2013 the Hispanic Heritage Committee will be celebrating its 25th Anniversary! The mission of our organization is to support Latino art, artists and cultural arts organization, and now we're taking it to heart by organizing community gatherings called the RI Latino Arts Network (RILAN).

Goals of the Rhode Island Latino Arts Network:

  • To provide a venue and opportunities for persons to engage in dialogue and exchange ideas with a focus on Latino artists and the arts in Rhode Island.
  • To examine and explore the programming of arts activities that meet the needs of the Latino community.
    To celebrate and feature individuals, projects and programs with a focus on Latino arts.
    To generate connections across an expanding network of individuals and groups who embrace the mission and goals of the RI Latino Arts Network and the Hispanic Heritage Committee of RI.

The RI Latino Arts Network does not exist to replicate those arts and cultural organizations that are already fulfilling specific roles and capacities in the Latino community. Rather RILAN is meant to be a supportive group of individuals that provides an opportunity to expand the arts in community settings and help to provide connections that can assist anyone seeking to get involved with the RI Latino community and its cultural arts activities.

Invited guests will include people from many walks of life: artists, arts educators and professors, museum directors and educators, arts council and tourism representatives, gallery owners and community arts activists.

RILAN logo(2)

  • 1st RILAN event: Co-hosted with Community MusicWorks - Friday May 17, 2013 Go here for more »
  • 2nd RILAN event: Featuring Providence Tango - Tuesday, July 9, 2013 Go here for more »
  • 3rd RILAN event: Co-hosted with Welcoming RI - Thursday, September 19, 2013 More details to come... »
  • 4th RILAN event: Co-hosted with The Bell Gallery - Friday, October 19, 2013 More details to come... »

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